The New Generation of Women Having Babies, Getting Angry, and Creating a Women's Movement.

The antidote to an epidemic among mothers to achieve unattainable standards.

The Feminist Movement of the 1970s may be ancient history, but according to journalist and author, Karen Bridson, it is in desperate need to be redefined and reclaimed so the new generation of women who are having babies can finish the jobs their mothers started. Her call to action was sparked by recognizing that while today’s women are supposed to be benefiting from the women’s movement, they are more exhausted, angry, and resentful than ever before. Stunned marks the groundswell of this dissatisfaction among women and journeys into this need for a new women’s movement, explaining that the problem has changed, women have changed, and the challenge before them is very different than in days past.

Not another mom-lit book about sippy cups and mother shock that leaves women angrier and high-and-dry for answers, Bridson uses her first-person account of becoming a mother to her now five-year-old son as a launching place to discuss further the new brewing mother’s revolution. Picking up where academic and “policy” books about contemporary motherhood have left off, Stunned lets women know they are not alone, that things shouldn’t be the way they are, and that change is possible. It’s about recognizing that the way things are structured isn’t in women’s favor—even today—and deciding to do something about it.

Offering an understandable, vivid overview of the history of feminism, the propaganda against it, and the problems that have risen out of the progress made in the past decades, Stunned also offers sociological, political, historical, and current data to discuss:

  • Why mothers are angry
  • A history of women and what work still needs to be done
  • The new pressures women face today
  • The bigger issues facing all women
  • How the women’s movement was beaten down
  • Putting a new face of feminism
  • The young girls of today’s culture

Further, Stunned is an accessible, entertaining book on the subject of contemporary motherhood that helps women not to forget where they’ve been, while understanding that they do lose ground when becoming mothers. This is the wake-up call that will help women avoid entering motherhood with their eyes shut and prevent the Stunned factor once motherhood is upon them.

Karen Bridson (Toronto, Canada) is an award-winning journalist, specializing in women’s issues. She is the author of three women’s health books, including The Secrets of Skinny Chicks. Bridson’s articles have appeared in national and international media outlets including Runner’s World, Shape, Maclean’s Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, Epregnancy, Parenting, Family Energy, Hers Muscle and Fitness, The Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette among many others.

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